LUNI Kaunas on Wednesday the 17th of September (19 val., kavinė "Kultūra", K. Donelaičio g. 16, Kaunas) is inviting you to an anthropological extravaganza. Exploring identity and how it is constructed in the most peculiar circumstances, and that it breeds (see picture above).

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In 1945 Poland lost its eastern territories to the Soviet Union, receiving instead land take from Germany east of the Oder-Neisse line. Those Germans who had not already left these territories were expelled to Germany and replaced by Poles and some Ukrainians from the east. The new settlers called the lost territories the kresy, memories of which are still more important in shaping their identities than anything in the new territories.

This region of Poland therefore has interesting possibilities from the point of view of identity construction and maintenance. In addition, this region has recently acquired what is claimed to be the largest statue of Jesus in the world. Religion is therefore an important marker of identity here too. Both aspects will be discussed in the lecture.

Info on our speaker: Dr Robert Parkin is a lecturer in social anthropology in the University of Oxford. He did his doctorate on kinship among tribes in India, but has since also become interested in the anthropology of Europe, including research on western Poland. His also interested in the history and theory of anthropology and has been lecturing on this at VDU.

The lecture as you have noticed from the language used will be in English.

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