Laisvajame universitete (LUNI) birželio 6 dieną 19 val. kavinėje-knygyne „Mint Vinetu“, Vilniuje, vyks paskaita apie tiksliuosius mokslus. Lektorius – iš Prancūzijos atvkęs teorine fizika nuo paauglystės besidominis, buvęs matematikos dėstytojas SYLVAIN POIRIER. Jis nemėgsta formalaus mokymo ir turi idėjų, kaip reformuoti tiksliųjų mokslų mokymą. Paskaita vyks anglų kalba.

Klausimų lektoriui užduos ir diskusiją moderuos fizikos mokslų daktaras, mokslą populiarinančio tinklaraščio www.trismegistos.lt autorius SERGEJUS ORLOVAS.

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Space and time are known to be aspects (dimensions) of a 4-dimensional space, whose geometry (of Minkowski) is very similar to the usual (Euclidean) space geometry, while the usual imaginations of time and space should be dismissed as misleading, unphysical tools.

But instead of trying to prove this from the wrong language, we will show how the concepts and intuition of geometry can directly serve as a better initial basis to understand and express the theory:

- How to imagine an Euclidean space playing a role of space-time, approximately Galilean for small speeds and with "relativistic effects" at large speeds.

- What is affine geometry, made of the common concepts between geometries of Euclid and Minkowski.

- How the articulations between affine and Euclidean geometries can guide us to define and represent the geometry of Minkowski

- How to formally convert properties and formulas describing the common phenomena between geometries of Euclid and Minkowski, to effectively resolve some Relativity problems by geometry.


What I do : I studied theoretical physics on my own since teenage, I left the system after teaching maths 1 year at university as I have a plan to renew the undergraduate maths and physics curriculum which I could not implement in the system, and I develop the web site settheory.net

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